Thoughts Day – Wednesday 27 March

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      Today I have managed to get lots done already and little Joshua is still fast asleep so I thought I would catch up with you all on here. I haven’t had time to do anything since his arrival not even eat or sleep!!!!!

      After his dramatic arrival Joshua is now doing really well. He weighed in at 9 pound 3 ounces yesterday which is brilliant considering he lost a whole pound when he was in hospital. He will be under Dr Thompson at NGH for developmental checks as he gets older with the first one being in May. As he had to be resuscitated and due to the lack of oxygen to the brain there is a possibility that there could be some damage but the only way of knowing will be watching his development. So far, he is perfectly normal and gorgeous 🙂

      I am starting to feel a bit more human again and feeling that I can actually do this now. I could never have imagined how hard having a baby could be at first and especially having to deal with the traumatic birth and first 10 days.

      Well done Sarah on completing the run again and raising lots of money for children are butterflies, you are mental ha ha!

      Carla, I hope you are feeling a bit better in yourself now. I must admit I feel guilty for how little I have thought of Evie and Bella in the last 5 weeks but the times I do I am very sad that Joshua will never meet his sisters. A part of me likes to think though that my girls had a hand in getting my poorly boy through his horrible start and that they will continue to watch over him xx

      And Michelle, I will always support you in your campaigns for better maternity care and I think you are wonderful for continuing this and having your lovely Lulah x

      Hope everyone is doing ok and am looking forward to bringing Joshua along to our next get together to meet you all!!

      Oh and I really hope the weather warms up soon, I am fed up of being cold!!!!!!!

      Michelle xxxx


        Hey Michelle

        So lovely to hear from you and even better to hear Joshua is doing so well and his weight gain is fantastic.

        I’m only just feeling like im getting in some kind of rountine now 8 months in so you’re doing great.

        I’m looking forward to meeting him when we all meet up next.

        See you soon.

        Michelle. X

        Pork Chops

          Hey both Michelle’s,
          happy thoughts day!
          Michelle Harris, that’s awesome news about baby Joshua…. I’m so pleased for you and I too am looking forward to meeting him at our next meeting 🙂
          Yeah I really did enjoy running the half marathon this year 🙂 I might do it again next year 😉
          Michelle Hemmington, I’m glad to see your fb page up and running! Your doing awesome!
          Hope all butterfly mummies are doing good 🙂
          As for me… A tough week last week, but this week is looking brighter as I may be up for promotion 😉 only down side is full time hours, but I’m not far of that now.
          Hopefully I should have collected in all sponsor monies by the weekend so can’t wait to find out the actual total 🙂

          Hoping your all well and looking forward to reading your replies, Sarah x


          Hi all,

          Happy late thoughts day 🙂

          I am feeling a bit happier again, took me till yesterday though 🙁

          Michelle, fantastic news about Joshua, great to hear you are getting on so well, can’t wait to meet him 🙂

          Michelle, the Db page looks great, am really pleased that everyone is supporting it, you are very brave!

          Sarah, fab news about the promotion, hope it all happens!

          Can’t wait to see you all, feels like a long time since I last did.



            Hi All

            Michelle (Evie, Bella & Joshua’s Mummy!) it’s great to hear from you. What a traumatic start poor little Joshua had & I know how distressing that must have been for you. I’m delighted to hear he is doing well now & hopefully the checks at the hospital will just be routine, it’s good to know you have that reassurance. Having a baby around is certainly a shock to the system, I think you focus on getting through the pregnancy & don’t really believe how much this little addition will change your life!

            I’m finding it exhausting with three, I think especially because I only have 20 months between Evie & Freddie so they are both very demanding, in different ways. Freddie doesn’t like being put down during the day, just loves to be held, but that’s not always possible with 2 other children needing me too. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I’m want to enjoy this last baby, he is growing far too fast!

            Pleased you are feeling a bit brighter Carla. Hope to see you next time we meet, it’s been ages!

            Max, x


            Well a very belated thoughts day to you all,

            Good to hear you are feeling better Carla and Michelle your little man is growing nicely and as Max said it is good you have the support of the hospital for his checks.
            Michelle h it is great to see the amount of support for your fb page I was pleased to notice a few of my friends liked and shared too.
            Sarah good luck with the job and here’s to a better week for you it must be tough losing a friend around the time of Tyler’s anniversary.
            As for us things are hectic here but all good and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

            Happy Easter everyone

            Becs xxx

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