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      Hi Everyone

      Some of you already know that i was asked to share my story by the Independent Newspaperto suport a vote the WI was having calling for more Midwifes and a better NHS Maternity Service. This is something i fully support and is why i took part in the article.

      It is in the paper today and i have attached the link below.

      Michelle. xx


      Hi Michelle,

      Just read the article. You are so brave, it must takes real guts to stand up and do what you are doing and something you should feel very proud of yourself for.



        Thanks Carla.

        It wasn’t easy to do and when the photographer came round to take our pic he wanted us to hold a picture of Louie which i refused to do as i didn’t want it to look like it was being sensationalised so had to compromise with the picture on the fireplace.

        I hope it does some good as it’s the only reason why we have done it.

        Thanks again Carla. xx


        You are a brave lady Michelle and are truly remarkable championing so many causes all to improve care for others.

        Fantastic 🙂 well done

        Love Becs xxx

        Pork Chops

          I just read it, Awesome 🙂 I Hope the Maternity care does get better 🙂
          Well done you xxx


            Well done Michelle. You are doing an amazing job to build awareness & hopefully all your efforts will result in some major changes in the care provided. You should be very proud of what you have achieved in Louie’s memory.

            Max, x


              I really admire you Michelle. This article is just one of the many wonderful things you are doing to raise awareness. We will support you all the way. Louie must be very proud of his mummy, as are all of our butterfly families
              Take care
              Anne-Marie x

            Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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