Sweet dreams Isobel Rae x

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      Our darling baby girl Isobel Rae passed away on 26/01/13 after 21 weeks in mummies tummy. We love and miss her so much. Spread your wings and fly baby girl, love you always, Mummy & Daddy xxxxxxx


        Hello & a sad but warm welcome to this forum. I am very sorry to hear of the loss of Isobel Rae.

        I’m Max & I lost my second child, my daughter Grace, on 25th June 2009. I lost Grace at 24 weeks so understand some of the emotions you must be feeling. I’m very lucky to have gone on to have another 2 children, so I am also Mummy to George (5), Evie (almost 2) & Freddie (15 weeks).

        I know at the moment it probably feels like life will never get better, the pain is so severe, but I promise it does get easier. You never forget but in time you find a new normal & a way of coping. Talk lots, it helps. You will find people at different stages of the grief journey but who all understand.

        Thinking of you & your family at this particularly difficult time.

        Max, x


        Hello Isobel-Rae’s Mummy and Daddy,

        As Max says a warm welcome to you both at this sad sad time.

        I lost my son Sam at 21 weeks so too understand the acute pain you are currently feeling, but since have been blessed with my daughter Lexi who is 20 months and have another due any day now, so would like to reassure you that things do get better, your life is changed forever but the pain does ease.

        In the meantime feel free to off load any feelings on this board as it has been my lifeline in the past, it may sometimes seem a little daunting or quiet on here but I think we all pop on and off regularly and are happy to offer support as we all know the importance of this in our healing process.

        Be kind to yourselves and I am always here to listen.

        Love and hugs

        Becs xxx

        Pork Chops

          Hello and yes a very sad but warm welcome to the forum.
          I’m so sorry to hear of your loss 🙁 I lost Tyler on 26th may 2011 and has been a real tough journey since.
          In these early days just be there for each other as its so hard for the both of you and your family.
          As the other ladies said we are all here to listen and off load to, take care
          Sarah x


            Night night baby Isobel xx
            I lost twin girls at 22 weeks 15 months ago! It has been a painful journey but the people from this forum have really helped me through.
            Don’t expect too much too soon but you will learn how to carry on xxxx


              Thank you for the replies.

              My feelings seem to change every minute, I swing from being ‘ok’ to breaking down. I just miss her so much, I feel hollow inside where she should be.

              We spoke to a lady from the hospital today and a separate counsellor, they were both fantastic, but it doesn’t change how I feel, I miss her so much.




                Welcome to the forum and my sincere condolences to you and your family.

                My son, Louie, passed away just after he was born; 9 days past his due date in May 2011. Your emotions will be all over the place and like you have said one minute you will seem ok and the next you will be in tears. You will learn to live with the feeling of loss and i know this is a really horrible time.

                We are all here to help and all the ladies here are lovely.

                Michelle. xxxx

                Pork Chops

                  Yeah your feelings will do that for a while… Even 18 months on I can be fine for ages then just break down. It’s a very hard thing to go through. That hollow feeling will never get better, you just learn to live with it x


                  Welcome, at this sad time our thoughts and prayers are with you. This forum and these wonderful ladies have helped my through this last year.
                  Hope to meet you when you are feeling a bit stronger.


                  I am so sorry to meet you under these circumstances and so sorry to hear about Isobel Rae, beautiful name!

                  I lost my daughter Emmie Louise in Oct 2011 at 40+6 weeks. I am also mummy to Gracie 5 and Daisy 20 weeks.

                  We will always be here to listen to you, whenever you need. The ladies have been a god send for me and I have made some very good friends who will always be there.

                  Time, although it doesn’t seem it will get easier, you never forget, there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think of Emmie, but you learn to live with it and get through each day the best way you can.

                  Take care and look forward to meeting you in time when you are ready!



                  I am so sorry that you have lost your beautiful girl. We lost Eva at 24 weeks on May 7th 2012 and the pain is still very raw. You will find yourself in a world you never knew about, one which is both the saddest place to be as well as most supported. Take as much support as you can as it really will make a difference. I still go for counselling now and find talking to someone outside of the situation is very helpful. I find this forum very helpful as well as those little things which will give you some memories to hold on to. You will find that the things you used to take for granted e.g. Talking to new people or going to the shops suddenly become the hardest thing in the world.
                  Be kind to yourself
                  Laura , Eva’s mummy x


                    Thank you all, I’m so glad we met Ann and found out about this forum.

                    Katie xx

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