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      Hi Everyone

      As you all know i have been campaigning for Birth Certificates for Stillborn babies since Louie died. Today i have had an email from the MP i have been in contact with regarding this to inform me he has secured a 30 minute Westminister Hall debate on birth certficates for stillborn babies this Wednesday.
      He has asked me to write a couple of paragraphs for him about my experience in this specific area for him to read out. I need to get this to him by Monday so will start getting some words down tomorrow.
      I’m so pleased just to have the oportunity to do this and hopefully it might go some way to getting some of our butteflies recognised.

      Michelle. xxxx


        Well done Michelle for your relentless campaigning. Good luck putting pen to paper.

        Pork Chops

          Aww well done you and good luck x


            Well done you, you should be so proud.we along with everyone else are very proud of you. You have never given up, even through your darkest hours you have pushed forward – remarkable!
            I hope the result is fantastic on Wednesday.
            Well done Michelle
            Lots of love
            MB xxx


              Wow! Well done Michelle! That’s fantastic news! I’m very proud of u, Clare xxx


                Well done Michelle, that is fantastic news! We are all very proud of the work you are doing. Keep us posted & fingers crossed the speech makes a big impact on Wednesday.
                Take care
                Anne-Marie x x x

                Eva’s mummy

                  WELLDONE Michelle

                  Rach xxxx


                  Good luck finding the right words I am sure you will do us proud, you have done so much already Louis would be very proud of his mummy tirelessly campaigning in memory of him while looking after his beautiful little sister too.

                  Well done Michelle

                  Becs xxxx


                    Hi everyone

                    Thank you for your lovely comments it really does help to have you all behind me.

                    Just to let you know the MP emailed me last night to say due his personal circumstances today the debate has been delayed until next week. He did say he will be using my words in his speech tho.

                    Will let you know the date and time next week.

                    Michelle. xxxx


                    Well done Michelle. You really are an inspiration.

                  Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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