Spooky goings on in the night!!!

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    Hi All,

    Didn’t really know where to put this post so decided on the cheery chit chat as I sound completely doollally!!!! 🙂

    Last night was a really strange night for me and I don’t believe in ghosts, but last night I was proper freaked out and quite easily could have changed my mind!!!!

    We had a wedding yesterday and got in late, Mark was drunk as they usually get and went straight to bed, so did Gracie, but obviously not drunk.

    Where as Daisy needed feeding so for a change I sat downstairs on the sofa and was just gone midnight.

    When I had Daisy, Mark and Gracie bought a new baby balloon, which has been tied up to a bowl I have on our dining room table. I have never ever noticed or seen it move before, but lastnight it suddenly started moving, the string moved back and forth at times and the balloon turned 180 degrees aswell as moving back and forth. The logical thing I thought was there must be a draft so went to have a look and I couldn’t feel one, so at that point I was that freaked out I popped the balloon.

    Then about 6 times in the night Gracie kept waking up screaming as if someone was attacking her, which added to my madness! 🙂

    I have thought to myself as stupid as it sounds could it be Emmie saying hi as it is her birthday tomorrow but know that’s complety nuts!

    Has anybody else had any weird situations like this or am I actually going a bit bonkers! Ha ha!!!!!



    Oh bless you Carla

    I too am sceptical at best when it comes to ghosts etc but I do think that our butterflies have a presence in our lives and children are more sensitive to these things but I don’t think that emmie would deliberately scare Gracie so it may be that she was just over tired after a long and exciting day.

    Also the balloon may have just been moving because of the heating causing rising air rather than a draft.

    I don’t think your bonkers as sometimes I think we want to see a sign from our babies to tell us that they are ok and I am sure Emmie is watching over you all on her anniversary so happy birthday to her and be kind to yourself it is an emotional time.

    Hope you are all well

    Love becs xx

    Pork Chops

      Yeah stuff like that freaks me out too, but I also believe our babies are there, and sometimes we see signs 🙂

      Happy birthday to Emmie tomorrow, and like Becs said be kind to yourself on such an emotional day, I will be thinking of you x


        happy birthday for tommorow Emmie.

        You never know, it could have been a sign, my mum and dad have both seen a lady at the cemetary that has suddenly disapeared. There is also that friendly cat that is always at the childrens section that i sometimes wonder if its a sign. would be nice to know our babies are ok. xxxx

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