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      Hi everyone

      Sorry not been on here much lately, last week was pretty rubbish. My mother-in-law was admitted to hospital last Monday with chest pains but discharged on Tuesday and then my new nephew was admitted to Hospital on Friday and had to stay in for 4 days. They tested for all the scary things but looks like he may have had a urinary tract infection. He seems on the mend now but was a pretty scary weekend.

      On a positive i now have my date for the c-section, it’s 27.07.12, so not long to go now. I still can’t imagine having her here but trying to think positively.

      Hope everyone else is doing ok and looking forward to a catch-up soon.

      Michelle. xx


      Hi Michelle

      Sorry to hear you have had a bad week but hope ur mum n nephew are on the mend.

      Big hugs

      Becs xxx

      Pork Chops

        Hey Lovely,
        Yep that’s sounds like a pants week!!! least they both better now.
        In regards to little one, I cant believe she will be here that soon!!! You got a definite name for her yet? last time we spoke you weren’t sure but had an Idea. This must be the quickest pregnancy ever…well maybe not for you!!!
        sorry I wont be able to make lunch tomorrow but all feel free to pop over for tea and biscuits lol!!!
        Always here to listen,
        Sarah x


        Hey Michelle,

        An emotional couple of weeks by the sounds of it, but you have come through the other end and thankfully all good news! 🙂

        Wow the 27.07.12 – that sounds so near as tomorrow we will be in July and I am sure it will fly by. How are you feeling now you are nearing the end?

        If you ever need any one to talk to give me a shout, I know I am starting to feel my own worries in the past couple of weeks and am not sleeping properly, so hoping those worries don’t get worse in the weeks to come. I am now 27 weeks and have my next scan and consultant appointment next week.

        Take care, missed evryone yesterday so will be good to catch up soon!



        Thinking of you Michelle.


          Hi everyone

          Thanks for all your lovely messages and yes sarah it has gone quite quick although think it seems quicker for you!

          Carla, i to am havin problems sleeping and it is getting harder the nearer i am getting. I was up fairly early today as couldn’t sleep through worry of not feeling her move but then i tried all the stuff that normally make her move and she did. I just want her to be here now and think its going to be a long month. Same goes for you if you want a chat and compare worries!

          Sorry i couldn’t make friday my sister needed some help with the boys. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the butterfly release.

          Take care everyone.

          Michelle. Xx

          Pork Chops

            It won’t be long………..;)
            Me too…. very excited about the butterfly release…….. the 10 day forcast is saying light showers :(……..i’m hoping for sun xxx

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