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      Been for my 34 week consultant appointment today and all is going well! Have a scan tomorrow as placenta was low at 20 weeks! I don’t think that’s an issue now but at least I get a final sneaky peek at the baba!!!
      So many emotions at the moment, extreme excitement and absolutely petrified at the same time. I can’t believe its nearly here, been such a long time coming! Fingers crossed everything goes as well as it has done so far
      M xxx

      Pork Chops

        Hey lovely, aww can defo imagine your mixed emotions…. It’s emotion enough when your pregnant without the added extra stress that you’ve had to deal with! I’m really excited for you too…. That will soon come around in no time! It’s so nice that they giving you another scan just to make sure πŸ™‚
        Speak soon Sarah x


          Great news Michelle. 34 weeks already! Just think, Freddie was delivered at 33+2! Hopefully the placenta won’t be low now, in most cases it moves, sadly not for me with Freddie though but it caused problems from 24 weeks. It’s nice that you’ll get the extra scan & reassurance. I hope the weeks will pass quickly for you now, I’m sure you have mixed emotions as you approach your due date. Looking forward to meeting your new arrival soon & introducing Freddie – 14 weeks old already & in newborn clothes now!!

          Take care Michelle.

          Max, x


          Hi Michelle,
          Wow 34 weeks, it doesn’t seem 5 mins since I saw you in Mdhu waiting for your appt πŸ™‚
          Daisy is 4 months old now, it has gone so quickly and the past few weeks even quicker since I went back to work!
          I am so pleased that everything so far has gone ok and I am sure the last little bit will aswell, not long now πŸ™‚ enjoy and make the most of every minute with baby when they arrive as they grow so fast πŸ™‚
          Take care, remember we are here if you need anything!
          Carla xxx


          Hi Michelle

          My placenta was low lying too but had moved when I was scanned although it did show that our little ones growth had slowed hence why we were back again on Monday (when I saw u) fortunately all is well and I now have a date for this little one to arrive but Mr Davies won’t be doing my op which I am rather sad about as he has been thru so much with us from the ivf’s to losing Sam.
          I too have my moments of worry not just about the last little while but also how I will cope with 2 and how Lexi will react. Sure it will all be good in the end for both of us.

          Carla I can’t believe you are back at work already and Daisy is such a big girl too.

          Max – I am glad Freddie is growing nicely too I can imagine u have your hands full with 3!!!

          We must arrange a catch up for all soon it seems forever since I have seen you all.

          Take care all n keep us posted Michelle


          Hi Becs,

          Are you keeping the date a secret??? Not long now if you have a date πŸ™‚

          Look forward to catching up with everyone soon xxx


            Hello ladies.
            All the new babies are growing so quickly and I haven’t had a cuddle with any of them, if you are ever passing please pop in so I can meet your beautiful babies. I would love to come to your meet ups but sadly work doesn’t allow and as I don’t get a lunch break (we eat as we go) its hard to nip out. Michelle, not long now and all will be wonderful, you are allowed to me nervous it’s completely understandable.
            Becs your little one will be here very soon, time has flown by! When Isla was born I bought Heather a new dolly and pram so mummy and Heather both had new babies. She would put her baby to bed, dress, feed and bath it when I did Isla. It was just a good job I didn’t drop Isla on her head like heather did to dolly. Two little ones is hard work but you adapt very quickly, you just do everything a lot quicker!
            I look forward to hearing fantastic news.
            Love you you all
            Ann xxxx


              Hi Michelle

              Not long now! I can imagine you have lots of mixed emotions at the moment and you must be so excited to meet your little one. Like Carla said the time goes so quick and they really don’t stay little babies for long so takes loads of pictures.

              Hoping i will get to see you before the little one arrives.

              Love the other Michelle. xxxx


                Thinking of Michelle and her family at this very worrying time. Special love to you all, sending you much strength and a million butterfly kisses xxxxx

                Pork Chops

                  ??? I hope everything’s ok x


                    Oh no, this sounds worrying. Praying all will be well. x


                    Thinking of u all and keeping everything crossed for some good news soon xxx


                      Baby had been born but I will leave it for Michelle to share her news when she is ready. Please think loving thought with lots of strength, if you believe then pray and keep Michelle, Ross and their little bundle of joy in your thoughts xxxx

                      Pork Chops

                        Is baby ok? X


                          Baby is poorly huni, I don’t know anymore yet x

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