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    Pork Chops

      Hey Ladies,
      I think we disscussed at last meeting about meeting again at the end of June??? Would you like to do Fri the 29th this time???
      And change up the place again???
      Let me know what your thinking and once we have come to a conclusion i’ll add it to the calendar.
      Hope your all ok and speak soon,
      Sarah x


      Hi there

      Friday 29 June is good for me how about wyevale garden centre just along from the queen Eleanor it has a soft play area to keep the little ones occupied although food isn’t very posh you can get a lunch n coffee for a reasonable price I believe.

      Just an idea anyway will see what the general con census is.

      Looking forward to seeing you all then

      Becs xxx


        Hey Becs, food is hardly posh at the Queen Eleanor or Wacky either!! I think the food at Wyevale is OK!
        Unfortunately I won’t be able to join you on the 29th. Off to Stratford for a Phoenix Trader Day. Really looking forward to that. The last one in January was fantastic & a superb lunch is provided for just £7! Bargain. Haven’t forgotten you want a brochure Sarah – will get it in the post tomorrow. Sorry, been a bit manic since last week. Nothing new there!

        Max, x


        Hey Sarah,

        I am good for the 29th June, don’t mind where either – Wyevale is fine with me.

        Have provisionally wrote it in the calendar.

        xx 🙂


          Sorry girls I will be away on holiday so can’t make it.
          Garden centre is good, recommend this too. New playing area.
          Hope you have fun.


          Pork Chops

            Yes please Max 🙂
            Yeah Weyvale sounds good to me 🙂
            If theres alot of people who cant make that date we can do the week after… which will be just before the beautiful butterfly release???
            just an idea xxx


            Hi all

            I guess posh was the wrong word for all places lol I think was probably thinking less variety but hey if we are all in agreement Wyevale it is.

            As for the dates I can do either so if following week is better for others shall we postpone a week?

            What does everyone else think?

            Becs xx



              I will be finished work by then so can do either the 29th or the week after which ever is best for eveyone else.

              Michelle. xx


                Hi. I should be around the following Friday. Geoff has been trying to persuade me to go away for 2 nights but we have compromised with just one. I’ve never left Evie overnight, have rarely left George, so I’m a bit nervous about it!
                I’m happy if you want to stock with the 29th, if most can make that, though of course I’d enjoy seeing you all!
                Max, x


                Hi everyone, unfortunatly we are away wed- fri that week.


                  I think I am ok for either so happy to go with the majority

                  Michelle xxx


                  Hi all

                  Have we made a final decision on the date for the meet up???

                  Becs xx

                  Pork Chops

                    Aha no i dont think so… Too many people couldn’t make 29th so maybe the week of the Butterfly release???
                    What about July 2nd or 6th???? or shall we just leave it so we have lots to talk about at the butterfly release??? Whats every one thinking??? is there a day we can all do??? xxx


                      I can pretty much do anytime at the moment as i finish work tomorrow -Yippee!

                      What about an evening get together or would this be to difficult for everyone with little ones?

                      Michelle. xx



                      I am happy to go with whatever the majority decision is so just let me know time and date and will try and be there


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