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      Hi guys

      Well some of you will feel at home here!!

      We had to replace the forum launched with the new website as it was apparently full of bugs and glitches which meant that some of you could not see all of it, and there was no support available for it.This new version is based on phpBB which is the framework that the old forum was based (albeit now hosted and OWNED by us!), so much of the navigation and the general look and feel will be the same. More importantly – it is far more stable and is supported!! (Even if it doesn’t look quite as flash as others!)

      I have moved all of the Always In Our Hearts section over and any still active service announcements.

      This framework seems to offer the best in terms of notification of new posts and you can “subscribe” to conversations if you want to keep track of them. I am not deleting the offending “interim” forum, so if you still need to access it to bring posts over please let me know and I can supply the link. Other than that we are starting again (almost) from scratch, but there was not so much on the other one. Rest assured we know this system so will be sticking with it!!

      There may be tweaks we can make – to look, feel and “toys”, but in essence it will not change again.

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