Inconsiderate??? Or me just taking things to heart???

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    Pork Chops

      Hey guys,
      As most of you know yesterday was Tyler’s second birthday… Which last year for me was the start of a big count down to his death day….. The day it self went ok, I was a bit emotional and touchy, but on the whole ok. One of the things that made me really upset was my best friend Linzi, she created a 2nd birthday party event for her daughter Rubie on Tyler’s birthday and invited me to it???? Inconsiderate??? Or me taking things to heart???? I declined the invite anyhow…. Maybe because I’m jealous, or maybe because in my head she should know better!
      Today I’ve started the whole….. Two years ago today Tyler would be 1 day old, so that would leave me with 48 days left :/ which I don’t feel is very good for me but maybe this is how i cope :/ hope you are all well,
      Sarah x


        Hey sarah
        I can imagine how you felt about the birthday party as I would have felt the same and would have also declined. Its the people closest to you that you hope would understand how you are feeling and when they don’t seem to that hurts a lot.
        We have a similar situation with a friends sons 2nd birthday party in may a few days before louies 2nd anniversary and im not sure if I will be able to attend or not.
        I did think about you all on tylers birthday and know you will be counting the days, but I think that is only natural, how could you not.

        Take care and I will see you soon.
        Michelle. X


        Sarah, I can imagine you felt quite angry, I know when my best mate arranged her wedding for 2 days before Emmie’s birthday last year I felt cross and thought she had forgot.

        I wouldn’t have gone to the party either and think you have a right to be cross!!!

        Take care

        Pork Chops

          Thanks for your replies ladies 🙂
          Think we due another meet soon x


          Hey Sarah

          I can understand how you feel and think I would react just the same, can you talk to your friend about how what she has done has made you feel as in my experience if you don’t voice these things they will just stew and get bigger and then may affect your friendship.

          In the meantime I have been thinking of you a lot and can’t begin to think how you feel counting down the days, just be kind to yourself and do what you need to do to get through. Give me a call if you want to catch up sometime before we get round to organising another date for a get together.

          Hugs to you huni
          Becs xxx

          Pork Chops

            Hey Becs,
            Feeling much better now but yeah we could do with arranging another meeting 🙂 it’s been long, still haven’t met your latest addition! X

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