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      Well I’d been fairly relaxed about my pregnancy until 20 weeks and then the anxiety kicked in. I was relieved to get to 24 weeks, we lost Grace at 24+1, but during the early hours on yesterday morning I woke to bleeding & a query as to whether my amniotic fluid was leaking. Ambulance to NGH where I am staying until at least tomorrow when the lovely Mr Aldrich will review me.

      I’m desperately hoping I’ll be able to get to 28 weeks, and then beyond, without this little one making an appearance & that I can achieve it without too many hospital stays. I really miss the children. They are popping in to see me later but it’s confusing for them, especially Evie who keeps looking for me at home.

      Definately my last pregnancy, as if I was in any doubt already!!

      Will keep you posted.

      Max, x


        Maxine I’m so sorry to hear this. Please stay strong and positive. We are both thinking of you and this little beanie boy. Sending huge hug and please let us know what your consultant said

        Eva’s mummy

          Hi Max
          im sorry to hear this Max keeping fingers crossed that all goes to plan for you and the littleone does not arrive to early.
          Big hug for you in hospital.

          Rach xxx


            Max huni, I am sending you massive support and love, take it easy and if you need anything please shout xxxxx


              Stay strong & positive Max & everything will be ok. Lots of love x x x x


                Thanks all. What I neglected to tell you is that I have a low lying placenta which is the likely cause for the bleeding. I had it with George too but much later in pregnancy & I ended up being in hospital for 5 weeks on & off. All worth it in the end. Hoping it doesn’t cause too much more trouble this time around. Certainly too early, 25 weeks tomorrow.

                Will keep you posted & thank you for your kind words & positive thoughts.

                Max, x

                Pork Chops

                  Hey Max,

                  I’m very sorry to hear your in hospital, going through complications….i’m sure Dr A is looking after you though.
                  Keep strong, thinking of you,
                  Sarah x


                  Hi Max,

                  Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you, this pregnancy lark isn’t easy is it! I hope babs stays put all tucked up in side as long as possible and the bleeding is nothing too much to worry about.

                  I have finished work now so if you need anything give us a shout, even if it is just a bit of company, I know how a couple of weeks back I was worrying myself and it is easy to put on a brave front on for everyone else but deep down it is all that is on your mind.

                  Take care and hope the hospital food isn’t to bad 🙂



                  Oh no Max so sorry to hear that if there is anything we can do just shout.
                  In the meantime I will be keeping everything crossed for u that this is just a blip and perhaps the placenta is on the move and it will all settle down for you ASAP.
                  Take care

                  Becs xxx


                    Hi. Thought I’d replied earlier but it’s not showing now. Installed Tapatalk in hospital & not quite understanding it yet!

                    Thanks for your lovely messages, support & offers of help. I really appreciate it.

                    I’m pleased to report that after seeing the lovely Mr A this morning, I’m home and hoping for some uneventful weeks ahead. Very nervous about a repeat performance. I was so frightened at the weekend & was convinced I was going to have another 24+ week delivery.

                    Carla, the hospital food was pretty awful but it’s amazing what you will eat when you are hungry! Shame it’s the same menu for a whole week! Another patient I got friendly with had been in for 8 days, her newborn is a week old now, she had had the same menu for that week! First day I got what someone else ordered – omelette, thats OK, but with mash & carrots??!!! Omelette needs chips!!

                    Thanks again all.

                    Max, xxx


                      Hi Max
                      I know we have already comunicated but hope you and little one are ok, keep us posted I am sure all will be ok you are in good hands
                      Jackie x

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