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      Hello everyone, you are all so quiet on the forum are you all ok????

      Sadly I think the forum
      Is failing which is very sad but ill leave it active for awhile to see if things pick up!

      Keep safe everyone and I hope you’re all avoiding this horrible sickness bug.

      Take care
      Ann x

      Pork Chops

        Hi Ann,
        Happy Freezing thoughts day …… Today is the 1st time i’ve logged on in months not using my mobile.
        I’m sorry you feel that way, I think maybe its because all the new butterfly families can’t see our stories and why we joined the forum as they are in the old forum….Its so hard to write your 1st post to press send and wait for a reply, so before i wrote mine i read through the other butterfly parents posts 1st. (but they are not there on this forum)
        Maybe we can all take a few minutes to re-write our 1st posts in new members introduction as there is more then 2 of us???? so When new families join they know they are not alone.
        Luckily my family and I….have dodged the sickness bugs this year hehe 🙂 not appreciating the temperatures at the moment though!!!
        I hope you are all well and your never far from my thoughts x


          Hi everyone, I haven’t wrote anything in ages, not sure why really as I do try and keep up and read posts, but tend to do it on my phone and only like to use a computer to write replys!!!!! I agree with you Sarah about past post not being seen, I remember when I joined and read about what happened to others, it made me feel less alone and normal for sure, and it made want to share my story, it’s a good idea to re write our experiences I think….. To help new families
          Hope everyone is ok !
          Jackie x


            I completely agree, it took me weeks to write my first post and seeing everyone else’s stories gives you the confidence to do it! I will definitely try to get mine written in ASAP xx
            I am absolutely shattered, got 2 weeks left at work and 6 weeks until my due date. Looking forward to a little relaxation before bambino is born (hopefully) xx

            Eva’s mummy

              Hi Ann and everyone
              hoping you are all ok. I do keep a check on whats happening but dont feel I know many people anymore. 🙁
              but I do like to keep up todate and reply when I feel I can.
              Hope you are all well.
              Unfortunatly the sickness bug is going through our house Liam had it last friday then me, and Julians daughter fiona had it on Monday but as always I come off worst than anyone not sure why but I end up more sick but then im the one that has to carry on going.
              luckliy I am better now though but Alicia is teething at the moment and so miserable its unbearable so hopefully she will be ok soon.

              Hope you ok Anne-marie and your family to.

              Rach xx


                Thanks for you’re replies, ill see if I can rectify the problem or whether I can pull across your stories manually ( that might take a very long time) so you may only see one or two appear at a time – ill see what I can do!
                Please stay safe in the awful weather we are due to get x


                Hi, I check regularly and read thro posts. It reminds me there are other people out there and I find it a good way to keepin touch.
                Ubnfortunatly I havnt avoided the bugs, Ive had it twice, once before christmas and thenm again last week but much worse. On the mend now thank goodness.
                Hope all are well.

              Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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