Happy thoughts day – Happy Halloween

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    As it is Halloween, thought I would say happy Halloween to you all.

    Hope you have all got your pumpkins at the ready and sweets for the trickle treaters?

    I have the job with Gracie this morning getting our pumpkin ready, she did one already but wants to do another – lots of mess 🙂

    See you all soon
    Carla xx


      Happy thoughts day and Halloween.
      My pumpkin is still intact and needs carving!!!
      My thoughts are simple today!!!
      “FRIENDSHIP” – money can’t buy friendship and if you have good honest friends then you are a very rich person.

      Sending my love to all of you ”my friends’, sending massive support strength and kisses to all those who need it.

      Lots of love
      MB xxx

      Pork Chops

        Happy Halloween and happy thoughts day 🙂
        You 2 are good! I haven’t got a pumpkin this year :(… But lots of treats waiting for trick or treaters!
        Still trying to convince my store manager to let my staff (and me) dress up tonight as we gotta work!

        Friendship… good thought… I don’t know where I’d be without them, they lift me when I am low, which has been loads in the last 18 months, and always there when I need them 🙂
        And to you Mb and the butterfly mummies my new friends… I thank you for kindness understanding and ongoing support 🙂

        I hope you are all doing well 🙂 happy Halloween and thoughts day x

        Pork Chops




          These are mine and Gracie’s pumpkin efforts x

          Eva’s mummy

            Happy thoughts day and Happy Halloween to you all.
            OUr pumpkin is carved and Liam and Alicia have been trick or treating with there spider costumes, Liam was brilliant and I think he talked to them all well bless him, also looking after Alicia and getting sweets for her bucket to.

            Big hugs to you all.



            Happy thoughts day n Halloween to you all.
            Friendship is a pertinent thought for me today as some of you know I managed to upset a friend of mine last week, unintentionally I might add, but it still feels awful.
            This in turn made me miss my best friend who i usually turn to in times of need for a good chat n reassurance as she has moved away from the area so I feel rather lonely at times, but my beautiful butterfly family saw me right and put a smile back on my face so thank you MB 🙂
            On the up side I am off to Ireland with Lexi a week on Saturday for a visit which I am really looking forward to.

            As for Halloween we have had no trick or treaters this year but hope you guys with bigger children enjoy the fun and games n lots of sweeties, also Sarah I hope you got ur bosses to agree to the fancy dress.

            Take care all

            Becs xxx

            Pork Chops

              Well today was fun 🙂 Hayden and his friend loved dressing up and we watched paranorman 🙂 then I went work!
              Carla your pumpkins look awesome! Glad Liam had a nice trick or treat experience 🙂 Becs my boss didn’t let us… Boo!!! The tesco staff looked amazing and I told him this lol! X

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