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      Hello everyone, I hope you are all well.
      Well 2012 has been a strange year. Some very good times especially with new babies being born well and healthy. But equally some very bad times, illness has seen a very dear friend go to hell and back and Rach has had the agonising wait to see if her niece will recover. On a personal note, I celebrated my 40th and got engaged but sadly have lost a family friend over Christmas at the age of just 50.
      Whatever this year has meant to you, I hope that next year is even better. More healthy and happy babies being born and the strong bond within our butterfly family will continue to grow.
      I wish you all a very safe, healthy and happy new year and I pray that those who have struggled emotionally or with ill health will have a much more positive year.
      I raise my glass to you all.
      Much love
      Ann xxxxxx


      Happy New Year Madam Butterfly and all our butterfly family.

      May I take this opportunity to thank you all for another years support through the good and bad days although I know I am one of the lucky ones who have more good than bad days with Lexi growing into the most beautiful little girl and a little sister for her and Sam due very soon I feel very blessed, although still miss our little man very much.

      So on that note may I wish you all the very best for 2013 and thanks again.

      Jim, Becs, Sam, Lexi n Bump 😉 xxx

      Pork Chops

        Happy new year to you all too, I wish you all good things for 2013 🙂
        Lots of love Sarah x

        Eva’s mummy

          Hello all,
          Bit late sorry but HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!
          I hope you all have a good year this year, and I am pleased to say that my neice Georgia is home and making a slow recovery will take her a good month or so before she can go to school again as she is very weak but on the mend.
          Thank you everyone for your support .

          Love to you all

          Rach xx


            A belated Happy New Year from me too!

            Life is ridiculously busy at the moment, barely recovered from the chaos of Christmas & we have George’s birthday today. I haven’t found time to write the Christmas thank you’s yet & now I’m busy organising a party for the weekend. I always seem to have so much to do but get frustrated as I don’t have enough time to do everything. Looking forward to some occupational therapy on Friday when I attend a Phoenix Trader Day, in Northampton so very convenient, just hoping Freddie behaves himself!

            Pleased your niece is on the mend Rach. Sounded very scary. Thinking of everyone and looking forward to the new babies arriving!

            Max, x

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