Good bye maternity leave :(

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      Bit sad now…. It is my last day on maternity leave. Still having some annual leave to take ( until 25th September) but that’s it!
      I will hate not to see Lyra so much I will really miss her 🙁 not sure if my feelings to her are so strong because i’m mummy or because i’m butterfly’s mummy too. Just so worry that she will not be look after so well by others.

      My company didn’t allowed me to finish a bit earlier so this means 5 days a week I may see Lyra just half hour before bedtime.

      Really desperate to find some new job which would finish about 5pm so i can spend at least couple hours a day with her.
      If any of you know any vacancies please think of me and let me know

      Thank you

      Pork Chops

        Aww Bara,
        I completely understand how you are feeling as, you do worry that they won’t be taken care of as you would take care of them. I was exactly the same when I went back to work after having 10 months off with Hayden…. I worried I would miss him doing things and what others were feeding him to the point I would send dinners with him lol!!! I think that’s just natural as a mummy. Though I would also agree there’s added feelings as you are a butterfly mummy.

        When your back and into routine and Lyra lets you know she’s doing fine… I’m sure you’ll feel better!!! Until then I’ll keep my eye out for any vacancies for you,
        Love Sarah x


        Bless you Bara I totally understand those feelings having been through them very recently and being a bit of a control freak diesnt help either lol
        but if it is any comfort it does get easier I am lucky enough to be in the position that I can work for myself a bit so can keep my hours flexible so Jim can have Lexi in the evenings n weekends while I work although juggling the time is sometimes a bit hectic.
        I am sure Lexi will keep an eye on Lyra for you on a thurs – did u decide on which other day you will send her yet.
        I hope you find that new job soon as I struggle the days I have to work late and miss bed time 🙁
        Take care n cu soon

        Becs xxx


          Thank you girls for supportive words.
          Becs, Lyra is going for first play and stay this thursday 9.30am . Starting from 13th full 2 days ( thursdays and Fridays) so she will see Lexi on Thursdays only but it will be so nice for girls to know each other outside of nursery too 🙂



          That’s great Bara it will be good for them both and you will see Lexi on thurs then I wonder if she will recognise you both??



            I will let you know 🙂


              Ah Bara. Going back to work is hard, I dreaded it after having George & Grace, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I found I actually quite enjoyed the adult time it gave me, time to be Max instead of George’s Mummy, much as I love being that!
              As you know I decided not to return after having Evie, it wouldn’t work for us with childcare, but both my children have been at nursery since they were 1. It took Evie ages to settle, she is such a Mummy’s girl, but it has been worth the effort & now that she is happy her confidence with others has improved greatly. She has fun & it’s good for them to develop that independence without you. George starts school next week & I’m not worried about that. I think nursery will have helped. A bit sad my baby boy is growing up though!!
              Great Lyra will have her friend Lexi at nursery. Expect they will get up to mischief together!
              Good luck with the return to work.
              Max, x

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