December/January get together

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    Pork Chops

      Hey ladies and gents,
      Been thinking about you all loads recently 🙂
      Hope you and all your families are well! Do you recon there is time for a December catch up or shall we wait till January?
      Look forward to reading your replies sarah x



        I can do any days apart from this coming Monday and Wednesday so will try to fit in with everyone else.

        I have been thinking of you all lately also, think its the time of year, looking forward to seeing you all.

        Michelle. xxxx

        Pork Chops

          Can everyone make next Friday? 14th I think….. Lunch time?
          Yeah defo that time of year, I’m on a right downer 🙁 x


            Yep i can do that day.

            Oh Sarah, i’m always here if you want a chat or get stuff off your chest, i owe you one anyway for listening to me at our last get together!



            Hi girls,

            Think next fri is ok with me provided Daisy is better as she is full of lurgie and I don’t want to pass anything on!

            Sarah, I went up the cemetery today to take Emmie an Xmas tree and saw Tyler’s was up, very nice! I was surprised there wasn’t more Xmas bits up there yet on the graves?

            Carla xxx



              I can’t do next friday i forgot i have a xmas party at the childrens centre. 🙁

              Pork Chops

                Aww ok Michelle, is there another time we can all make it? I’m pretty busy week after :/
                I hope Daisy is better Carla x



                I can’t do Fri now either Daisy’s immunisation has been rebooked for Friday, 4th time lucky!

                Daisy has got worse, she was in hospital lastnight for 6 hours as she has bronchilitis and was struggling a bit so she was put on oxygen as her levels were low, she seems a little bit better today so keeping fingers crossed she is on the mend!



                Hi, Im busy helping with the school christmas party on friday. Carla, I hope Daisy is feeling better.
                Is anyone going to the christmas tree service next sunday?


                  Hi all.

                  It’s a busy time of year. I’d love to catch up with you all but I have too much on this week. We are having 8 friends to us for dinner Fri pm as a thank you for all the support they gave us whilst Freddie & I were in hospital. Looking forward to it but hope I’m not constantly feeding a baby at the dinner table!!

                  Carla, Sorry to hear about Daisy. Freddie had the same thing last week. We were on hols & had to see a GP who sent us on to Bury St Edmunds hospital where we spent a number of hours. Freddie seemed to be getting better but we had to call an ambulance early hours Sat as he was struggling to breathe. Awful going back to NGH & the A&E experience was grim. Poor Freddie has lost 7oz weight as a result which is quite worrying as he is tiny anyway. Hope Daisy is better soon.

                  We are hoping to make the Sands service at the weekend so look forward to seeing some if you there.

                  Max, xx



                    the days i cant do next week are tues and weds.

                    carla and max sorry to hear daisy and freddy have been poorly, you must have been so worried. its one of my biggest fears that lulah has to go into hospital makes me feel panicky just thinking about it so i really feel for you both. hope daisy and freddie are starting to feel better.

                    see you all soon.

                    michelle. xxxx


                    Hi all

                    I will struggle Friday too perhaps New year would be a better option.

                    Poor Daisy n Freddie hope they are both better soon, it must be your worst nightmare girls, I was really Lucky with Lexi when she was small but then as a summer baby it must be easier, so am hoping we don’t suffer too much with our new one.

                    Hope u all have a fantastic Xmas if I don’t see you all before

                    Take care

                    Becs xxx

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