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    Eva’s mummy

      My name is Rachel and my first pregnancy was great probably the best you could hope for. I was 13 days over due and was due to go into hospital for being induced on sunday 9th September 2007 but on the sunday morning things started for themselves. They happened very quickly as my first pains started at 9am and by 10am with contractions less than 2 minutes apart I was down the hospital.
      This is where things went down hill very quickly. I arrived in a lot of pain I was put in a room by myself for quite a while before anyone came to check on me, then a junior midwife came in and I was talking to her and obviously in a lot of pain she replied I cant talk to you until your pains stop well hello they were not stopping but over about 10-15 minutes different midwives came in and finally listening to what I was telling them there faces seemed to change and I had a probe put on babys head followed by a scan machine coming in. Still none the wiser really to what was wrong they told me my baby had died around me Julian was on the floor quite hysterical but im still not understanding what is happening until about 10 minutes later it started to sink in. my baby had gone but why and how we had a post-mortem done but this showed nothing. So still very hard to this day not having a reason as to why our baby was taken from us as he was healthy and even had a heart beat while I was at the hospital.
      this was a very traumatic time as my sister and neighbour had both just had there babies too.
      I was the one going home without my baby.
      my first thought was I need to have another baby so as soon as my body was ready that is what we did so by the following September I had Liam and was induced 2 weeks early and ten I went on to have Alicia 3 weeks early both time being watched very carefully with at least 4-6 scans in each pregnancy.
      Over time this has been very hard to cope with but we have got through this and got stronger each year that has passed.
      Callum will never be forgotten but the pain is not as hard now.

      Rach mummy to Callum born asleep 10-09-2007 Liam born 26-09-2008 and Alicia born 01-04-2011.

      Pork Chops

        Lots of love Rach, Callum will never be forgotten x


          Callum will always have a very special place in our hearts ❤ much love xx

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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