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    Hi all

    It was great to see you all today to remember our little ones, sorry I didn’t get chance to speak to you all properly or say hello to some of the families I haven’t met yet but it was again a fab turn out for a very fitting event for our little ones.

    A big thank you to Ann for nurturing the beautiful butterflies and arranging the event and Peter for providing the venue and speaking words that moved me to tears yet again.

    We must arrange another catch up soon and hope that some of the other families will join us if possible, as it would be nice to get to know you too.
    As the one silver lining to this cloud is the fantastic friends I now have made from this forum and I am safe in the knowledge that you have all been there in my dark days and that you understand my pain and supported me through both.

    Sorry I am rambling now as I might have indulged in a glass of vino to toast my little man but suffice to say I mean every word.

    Take care all

    Becs xxx


      I want to thank you all for your friendship and continued support, it was lovely to see you all today but I was very aware how much sadness there was especially from our newer families. To meet the new beautiful children was amazing and gives families the hope that one day it will be them. I’m glad you could join us on a very special day.
      Take care
      Love Ann x

      Pork Chops

        Aww Becs that was just lovely reading that, it’s so lovely that we all come together and support each other.
        Once again a massive thank you Ann we really do appreciate the effort you go to 🙂
        A sad but warm welcome to the new families I saw today and just to let you know we are all here to support you.
        Sarah x


        Thank you so much for organising such a beautiful event. It means so much and it’s so nice to know that people care and want to support.
        Thanks again to all a Children and Butterflies.
        Laura x


          Hi everyone, gutted that i missed the butterfly release due to working and not being able to get it off, but need to say a big thank you to my cousin sarah for releasing Angelo Jacks butterfly for me and thank you to Ann for organising all of it

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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