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      Hello everyone,

      I’m sure you are all aware the weather is going to be utter pants on Sunday unless ‘mother nature’ decides to be kind to us last minute!!!!!!
      Please see the activity page where I will post a picture of Ivy Cottage so you know exactly which house to arrive at.

      Most of you will enter Hollowell VIA Welford Road A5199 through Chapel Brampton and then Spratton – once through the village of Spratton you will need to turn left (a little was after Spratton) onto the Creaton Road into Hollowell. There is a sign on the right hand side which says ‘Hollowell’ but the tree is covering it 😯
      Unfortunately it is Hollowell Steam Rally this weekend (it wasn’t a problem when setting a date as I thought we were going to Castle Ashby!!!) so the village will be busy. Just before the Creaton Road turning there is a big sign advertising the steam rally, you will need to turn left straight after the sign.
      Ivy cottage can be found on the left hand side as you enter the village. Please do not park right outside the house or down the lane to the right of the house as it is a public right of way. You can park on the opposite side of the road on the grass verges, there is a lot of space and we should be able to house most of the cars, if you are stuck for space you can park a little further up in the centre of the village.

      No matter what the weather we will be there to dedicate the butterflies and release them – I have been to visit the gardens which are stunning but very very wet so the chance of having a picnic is slim but I will leave it up to you.
      We had also arranged a fun afternoon of games for the children in the field and a train ride, sadly the field is water logged and it will not be safe to use the train, so the weather has dashed alot of my plans 👿 however the main part of the day is the butterfly release which will go ahead no matter what.
      If you find on Sunday it is far to wet for you to attend, please don’t worry as I will still dedicate your butterfly. I really do hope to see you all, but I know the weather can be very disruptive and miserable. I am hoping to start at 12 noon. I will hold a little raffle but again this will be weather dependent !!! 😉
      See you all there and don’t forget your brollies as sadly I think we are going to need them
      Love as always



      Thank you for the update. It was meant to rain for our school sports day today and the sun shone so we have our fingers crossed that the same thing will happen on Sunday!
      See you then,
      Laura x

      Eva’s mummy

        thank you Ann
        Lets hope the weather is wrong all weekend as we also have our church fete on satureday.

        Rach xx



          We should be there and looking forward to a catch-up with you all.

          Michelle. xx

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