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      Hi everyone

      I have been asked to take part in a discussion on BBC Radio 4, Women’s Hour, (live) on Tuesday (12.06.12), 10am – 10.45am on birth certificates for Stillborn babies. This is something i feel very strongly about and it breaks my heart that i do not have one for Louie even though i had to register his death.

      I just wanted to hear some of your views and how you feel about this?

      Also discussed will be the issue of Birth Certificate for babies born before 24 weeks. Again please let me know how you feel? There is an argument that the death of a baby under 24 weeks doesn’t have to be registered so to change this maybe too distressing for the patents to go through; this is what the government are saying anyway.

      I want to make sure i do a good job, not only for Louie, but for all our Butterfly children and families so i will be grateful for any comments.

      Michelle. xx


      Hi Michelle,
      Its so good that you’re able to speak our and represent so many women and their butterfly children. I feel really strongly that if a woman has given birth then their baby should have a birth certificate. It says it all really and is a ‘certificate of birth’. Our daughter was born and will always be our first baby. I feel very sad that we don’t have her birth certificate. The decision would be very different if it was a woman who had lost a baby making this decision. They should ask for votes on forums such as this in order to gain the opinions of people who have actually delivered. It wouldn’t change things for us but could for future butterflies.
      Good luck!
      Laura x


        Hey Laura

        Thank you for this, it’s good to hear other people’s opinions, and comforting to know i have support from other mums.

        Will have a think about your idea about gaining a wider view of opinions on this subject after Tuesday to see how that goes first and how this would be done.

        Thanks again.

        Michelle. xx

        Pork Chops

          Hey Michelle,
          Look at you out on the radio again,I think its amazing what you do 🙂

          We have had this disscusion a few times…..Yes mothers that give birth, their babies should have birth certificates!!!Them babies are born!!! There is a massive fine line in this gestation thing that i’m glad it’s not my decision, will always support you in what you do.
          Yeah Laura a wider veiw of women/men that have lost children would be a good idea as people who do make these decisions have not.
          Sarah x


            Hi Sarah

            Ahh thank you, i’m just so glad a radio station is willing to cover this, fianlly it seems like it’s getting out to the public. I was speaking to someone at work yesterday and she couldn’t believe that parents of Stillborn babies (and before 24 weeks) do not receive a birth certificate.

            How’s the house stuff going? Hope it’s not getting to stressful.

            Michelle. xx


            Well done Michelle for all you are doing. will be thinking of and praying for you


              Michelle, you are truly amazing xx

              Having given birth at 22 weeks to fully formed babies I would have liked a birth certificate! When people refer to my loss as a miscarriage it turns my stomach.

              I hope you achieve everything you are trying so hard for and more

              Michelle xxx


              Hey Michelle,

              Will there be a link so we can listen again if we don’t get to hear it at the time, if so can you post it please as I would like to here the discussion. ❓

              My opinion is the same as everyone on here, a stillborn certificate just doesn’t seem right as Emmie was a full term baby same as Louie. The rule to not have a certificate at all before 24 weeks seems so unfair because babies can survive around this gestation and before and to me feels they are not being recognised and they should.

              I hope it goes well – give them what for!!!! 🙂



                Hi Michelle,

                I totally believe that stillborn babies and their families deserve the respect to have a birth certificate. My gorgeous twins were born two minutes apart, yet one has a birth certificate and one has a stillborn ‘sheet’ – I wouldn’t even say it was a certificate. I will have to explain that to Alice when she is older and it just feelss so wrong and makes her identical twin seem less relevant and real.
                Good luck on Tuesday, I will be listening!
                Take care
                Anne-Marie x


                  Hi Ladies

                  Thank you for all your lovely comments.

                  I’m starting to get quite nervous now but have just had a call from Radio 4 and the discussion should start about 10.10am for about 15-20mins so not to long.

                  I will try to get a link on here if anyone has missed it and would like to listen.

                  Will do my very best for us all and our Butterflies.

                  Michelle. xx


                    Hi Michelle.
                    Well done again for all your efforts to buying awareness & hopefully change things.
                    Grace was born at 24 weeks & because she lived for 10 hours I have birth & death certificates for her. Bizarrely I was also entitled to claim child benefit for her, 8 weeks payment I think. Having held my tiny but viable 24 week daughter I think it’s disgraceful that had she been stillborn she would not have had a birth certificate, and had she been born stillborn just days earlier she would have been classed as a miscarriage.
                    Good luck tomorrow. I hope to be listening.
                    Max, x


                    Hi michelle

                    A quick one from me to say good luck for this morning I will be listening on the way to swimming and thank you for all you are doing,

                    Unfortunately Sam was classed as a nonviable foetus and do had no birth or death certificate and was classed a miscarriage but I think your right anyone who gives birth to their baby should have the right to a birth certificate.

                    Take care

                    Becs xxx



                    Just listened you were fab well done it brought a tear to my eye.

                    Love Becs xxx


                      Thank you ladies for all your lovely comments and support. Glad it over though! xxxx


                        Well done Michelle,
                        you were so brave to do this and I really think you have mad a difference and I have a feeling this is going to be sorted out very soon
                        Jackie xxxxx

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