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      Hi Everyone

      The Stillbirth Certification debate will be heard in Westminster Hall today at 4.30pm. After the radio interview i did this morning BBC Look East contacted me and asked if i would be interviewed for tonights programme. Paul and i should be on tonight around 6.30pm on BBC 1 talking about Stillbirth Certification. I hope this will only do good as i was very nervous. I did talk about CAB so hope they don’t edit this out.

      Michelle. xxxx


        This will now be shown tomorrow from Breakfast and thoughout the day on BBC Look East. x


        Wow Michelle national tv I am so impressed I will most def be tuning in to see you both. X

        Pork Chops

          Aww well done you Michelle! Ill watch it in the morning as I was at work tonight! You are doing so well 🙂 very proud of you x


          Hi Michelle,
          You and Paul are so brave, don’t think I could go on telly, congratulations for campaigning so strongly for what we would all like to see.

          I did here the MP talking on the radio news briefly when I was driving yesterday about 4pm.

          Great job, will watch the news on telly today 🙂



            Thanks Everyone

            For anyone that did miss it and would like to see it i have attached the link below.


            I have also attached the link below for the Westminister Hall Debate. You will need to fast forward it towards the end as there are other debates on first. Chris Heaton-harris, MP, mentioned me in the debate and read out my peice i wrote for him supporting the change.


            Michelle. xxx


            HI michelle, just watched both clips with tears rolling. Thank you for all you do and well done for being so brave.

          Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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