30/05/12 – ALL CLEAR

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      Hello Everyone!

      I wanted to share my good news with you all. I had scans of my whole body last week and the wait for the results was unbearable, but I am so grateful and happy to report that I AM ALL CLEAR πŸ˜€

      I am still going to have further treatment like chemo or radiotherapy as a preventative measure, but I am more than happy to go through any grueling treatment if it means I get to see my gorgeous girls grow up.

      So my thought for today is with all the women who are not as lucky as me and are fighting breast cancer. May they have the strength to fight this horrible disease and gain their lives back.

      Hope all you lovely people are well and doing ok?
      Take care
      Anne-Marie x x x


        Welcome back to the forum huni, we have missed you!!!! Everyone will be so pleased about your news. Here’s to getting you through your treatment and positive thoughts as always.

        Remembering and thinking of everyone with Cancer and sending them love, support and positivity.

        Lots of love
        MB XXXXXX


          What a excellent news Anne-Marie! I’m actually smiling with tears in my eyes!!!



            That’s fantastic news, really good to hear, hope to see you soon.

            Michelle. xx


            such fantastic news


            Fantastic news huni we will be thinking positive thoughts for you while you go through the next stage of treatment but can’t wait for that champagne when it is all over.

            Love Becs xxx

            Eva’s mummy

              GREAT NEWS ANNE-MARIE so pleased for you and your family.

              Rach xxx πŸ˜›


                Hi Anne-Marie

                Good to have you back on the forum. I’m so happy that you are clear & I hope that knowing this makes the treatment ahead more bearable. You have been so brave & I am very proud to call you my friend. You deserve a lovely holiday with your family now & I hope we can catch up in person soon.

                Lots of love as always.

                Max, xx

                Pork Chops

                  Aww Anne-Marie, I’m so pleased for you and your Family. Let us know when your ready for that drink, i’ll be 1st there πŸ™‚ x


                  Hi Anne-Marie,

                  Such fantastic news, you have brightened up my day! πŸ˜€

                  Take Care


                    Hi Anne-Marie

                    this is the best news ever, I am so happy for you……….. and your family

                    massive hugs
                    Jackie xxxxx

                  Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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