Worries being Pregnant


Hi Carla

So sorry to hear that you have cause for concerns but as the others have said they are probably just erring on the caution side knowing your history and best you are over checked than under checked I guess. but I can imagine just how much this would give you cause to worry.
In my experience with one of the sonographers she really didn’t know how to speak to a nervous pregnant mum and gave no explanation or reassurance for her actions on 2 occasions once with Sam and once with Lexi I really thought that she needed some training as was very abrupt in her manner do maybe it is the same one. Also in my experience the nhs find it difficult to react appropriately to circumstances that are out of the norm and therefore end up panicking you as a consequence of there lack of experience or training on how to handle more complex situations such as ours.

I will keep everything crossed for you that you will have some positive news after your next scan, in the meantime we are all here for you.

Take care huni

Love Becs xxx