Wednesday thoughts day – how lucky I am!


    Hi Carla

    I do understand what you mean about feeling guilty. I remember feeding Evie often in the early hours & crying as I thought about the fact that I hadn’t been able to do that for Grace. I think it’s a natural feeling to have but I’m sure you also take much comfort in having Daisy & your family feeling more complete. I know that having Evie really helped me with my grief & although you will never forget Emmie, Daisy will hopefully make life more bearable.

    At the moment I feel as though I still have a lifetime in NGH. I have been moved to a single room today which was really kind of the midwives. They were initially reluctant to have me out of their sight as I’m deemed high risk, but one really lovely midwife here is determined to make things better for long term patients & after chatting to my consultant it was agreed. Funny, if I’d asked for the room they would want to charge me £70/night! Imagine the total bill for my stay. Lovely as it is to be away from the closed curtains & snoring, I would not pay for the privilege!

    Max, xx