Update on baby Thompson


    So sorry to hear the concerns continue Carla but good the end is in sight. Ouch to the steroids! I had them when I was in hospital recently. Very painful, but worth doing to help develop the lungs.

    As you say, it doesn’t seem fair for do many of us to be having pregnancy issues. You would think we deserved to have a “normal” pregnancy. I’m in Scotland at the moment, anxious in case I need hospital care again. The nearest hospital to where I am is 90 minutes away. I wake every morning grateful I’ve managed another night out of a hospital bed with this little one wriggling inside. Leaving Scotland tomorrow & overnight stay in Lancaster before returning to my comfort zone, 20 minutes to NGH and the lovely Mr Aldrich! Another appointment with him on Monday morning.

    Thinking of you Carla, & Becs, and hoping positive news is ahead for us all.

    Max, x