Thoughts day Wednesday 5th September 2012


Oh no poor you, it def takes alot of psyching up to get yourself ready for leaving them at nursery I can understand your disappointment as now u will have to do it all again but hey look at it as if u had a practice run so hopefully will be a bit easier next time.

My thoughts day word woukd have to be stress!!!, as i had my first proper day at work which was rather stressful as lexi woke coughing at 5am them decided to sleep until 8am so I had to get her dressed give her breakfast and get her to nursery n me to wellingboro for 9am hence I forgot a load of paperwork that I needed so ended up tooing and froing back to Northampton then back to wellingboro then to work in Kettering only to be told I had to cover a clinic in Corby !!!!! All this time worrying about Lexi and her cough 🙁
Luckily she was ok and all went well and I actually enjoyed being back just not all the driving!!

So now I am trying positive thinking n hoping Lexi’s cough is getting better as she is squeaky and in pain when she coughs so if no better I think there will be another trip to the drs 🙁 on Friday

How did u get on with your monitoring Carla any news?

Looking forward to seeing u both Friday all being well

Becs xxx