Thoughts Day – Wednesday 27 March

Pork Chops

    Hey both Michelle’s,
    happy thoughts day!
    Michelle Harris, that’s awesome news about baby Joshua…. I’m so pleased for you and I too am looking forward to meeting him at our next meeting 🙂
    Yeah I really did enjoy running the half marathon this year 🙂 I might do it again next year 😉
    Michelle Hemmington, I’m glad to see your fb page up and running! Your doing awesome!
    Hope all butterfly mummies are doing good 🙂
    As for me… A tough week last week, but this week is looking brighter as I may be up for promotion 😉 only down side is full time hours, but I’m not far of that now.
    Hopefully I should have collected in all sponsor monies by the weekend so can’t wait to find out the actual total 🙂

    Hoping your all well and looking forward to reading your replies, Sarah x