Thoughts Day – Wednesday 27 March


    Hi All

    Michelle (Evie, Bella & Joshua’s Mummy!) it’s great to hear from you. What a traumatic start poor little Joshua had & I know how distressing that must have been for you. I’m delighted to hear he is doing well now & hopefully the checks at the hospital will just be routine, it’s good to know you have that reassurance. Having a baby around is certainly a shock to the system, I think you focus on getting through the pregnancy & don’t really believe how much this little addition will change your life!

    I’m finding it exhausting with three, I think especially because I only have 20 months between Evie & Freddie so they are both very demanding, in different ways. Freddie doesn’t like being put down during the day, just loves to be held, but that’s not always possible with 2 other children needing me too. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I’m want to enjoy this last baby, he is growing far too fast!

    Pleased you are feeling a bit brighter Carla. Hope to see you next time we meet, it’s been ages!

    Max, x