Sweet dreams Isobel Rae x


    Hello & a sad but warm welcome to this forum. I am very sorry to hear of the loss of Isobel Rae.

    I’m Max & I lost my second child, my daughter Grace, on 25th June 2009. I lost Grace at 24 weeks so understand some of the emotions you must be feeling. I’m very lucky to have gone on to have another 2 children, so I am also Mummy to George (5), Evie (almost 2) & Freddie (15 weeks).

    I know at the moment it probably feels like life will never get better, the pain is so severe, but I promise it does get easier. You never forget but in time you find a new normal & a way of coping. Talk lots, it helps. You will find people at different stages of the grief journey but who all understand.

    Thinking of you & your family at this particularly difficult time.

    Max, x