Hi Michelle

    I did suspect that you might be pregnant as I thought it could have been you in the waiting room at the Maternity Day Unit ages ago when I was there to see Mr Aldrich. I didn’t approach you as we haven’t really met properly, so I was not 100% sure, & I didn’t want to intrude either!

    Your feelings are totally normal & understandable. I was a nervous wreck when I was pregnant with Evie and as I approached 24 weeks, the stage we lost Grace, I had to be signed off work with anxiety. I didn’t return! I did laugh at Carla’s comment about “Wife back” on the calendar. Geoff keeps saying the same to me & it’s even worse now I’m a prisoner in NGH. Even having had a totally normal, but very anxious pregnancy last time, I found myself becoming anxious again as I approached 24 weeks in this one. The problems I’m having now are unrelated & I think I’m just very unlucky!

    Don’t be afraid to contact your midwife if you need reassurance, better that than worry, and as Carla said use Jane Pervival too. I’m sure she will happily organise for you to visit MDU for monitoring. It’s going to be an anxious time but you will get there. I hope that when you get past 22 weeks you can start to relax a little. Mr Aldrich is lovely and you are in safe hands with him. My regular appointments & reassurance from him helped me get through my pregnancy with Evie, and now with this cheeky boy.

    Try not to worry about work too much. I think they have to be careful with redundancy when you are pregnant! What’s important is looking after you & your precious little one.

    Fingers crossed for you & keep talking to us.

    Max, x