Re: Worries being Pregnant


Hi All,

Thank you for your support and replies, feeling a bit more happier today as I have been back and saw my proper consultant instead of a registrar 🙂

Just to give you an update on the progress.

He checked the blood flow, liquer and also rechecked and re-plotted babies growth on the chart. She is still on the 10th centile so the scan last week was correct, however she has grown since last week and remains on the line and everything else looks good so he is happy with the results.

So next week i have to go have blood pressure etc… checked and then the following week back for another growth scan. Mr Cooper did say today that we need to make a decision of a last date for a c section and he has said no later than 38 weeks now, where previously it was 39 weeks. That means only 5 weeks left tomorrow, hopefully it will fly by.