Re: Wednesday 25th July 2012


    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for opening Thoughts Day and for keeping this site running 😆 😆 You keep everyone in good spirits and are always chatting and encouraging people to join in. 😯 😯

    I’m glad you feel happy with Tyler’s area and I bet it was lovely, even though very sad to spend some time with him 🙁

    I will pass on the tan 😕 be careful – there is no such thing as a healthy tan so make sure you put lots of cream on 😳 but I’m really glad a beautiful butterfly came to visit you, I’m certain that was Tyler saying ‘Hi’

    I am excited about Legoland too, it hasn’t been easy to organise and a couple of members have helped me with numbers as I was dreading the call to the tour company saying we didn’t have enough people, I would of hated to look ungrateful! 😮
    I’m sure we will have a lovely day and I hope the sun shines.

    Well it’s my last week of being in my 30’s 😳 😳
    I am hoping the weather is going to change and be kind to me as it is forecast rain on Sunday …… TYPICAL 🙄 🙄

    Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday – REMEMBER you are all invited and its at my parents house at 2.00pm – fingers crossed Anne-Marie will be there as it will be outside in the fresh air (and rain) – again like the butterfly release she won’t be able to hug and kiss people unless she says otherwise as she has to protect herself from any germs or infection( not that I am suggesting for one minute that any of you have germs)

    Finally, I’d like to wish Michelle all the luck in the world for the end of the week and I can’t wait to her her’s and Paul’s fantastic news.

    Happy thoughts day

    Love MB XXXXXX