Re: Wednesday 25th July 2012


    Hi All

    Pleased to hear people are enjoying the sunshine. It’s good to get the children outside finally. Poor Evie has been under the weather again this week. Hand, Foot & Mouth this time. Nasty because she refused to eat or drink because her mouth was so sore. Not good in the hot weather especially. She is much better today so we hope to be at the birthday bash on Sunday. Just want to ensure we are coming virus free, especially with the guest of honour Anne-Marie hoping to attend!

    Sorry you have had another bad week Anne-Marie. It’s a learning experience for me. I didn’t realise you would lose your hair so quickly. It was only a couple if weeks ago we saw you at the butterfly release. As Sarah said, you are a very brave lady. Your courage is remarkable. The end is in sight and yet again you will emerge a stronger person. Hope you are managing to enjoy some time with your girls now the holidays are here.

    I’m slowing down a bit at 21 weeks pregnant. Had my anomaly scan last week and all appears fine but I’m feeling anxious now as I approach 24 weeks, the stage we lost our beautiful Grace. I’ve been fairly relaxed until now & I’m hoping I can get past 24 weeks, then every week is a bonus.

    Thinking of you Michelle & looking forward to your happy news tomorrow. I can understand how nervous you must be feeling. Only natural but soon she will be here & a new set of worries can begin! I trust that the lovely Mr A is looking after you tomorrow? You are in good hands.

    Max, x