Re: Wednesday 25th July 2012


    😎 Happy Sunny Thoughts Day Everyone 😎

    Good to hear you are enjoying the sunshine Sarah. Glad you managed to spend some time at Tyler’s garden, I havnt been to Grace’s for ages and it does make me feel guilty 😥 . Ive had a rough week after my second dose of chemo but i’m slowly coming out of the haze and getting stronger.

    All the best to Michelle and Paul, looking forward to hearing your exciting news.

    I also had a smile to myself earlier as there was a beautiful butterfly fluttering along side Lucy and Alice while they were bouncing on the trampoline!!

    We are most certainly planning to be at your 40th Ann 😀 . I hope you are ready for all the old git jokes?!! 😉 . I’d just like to pre warn everyone that I am now bald and slowly coming to terms with it 😯 . I’m still the same old me apart from the fact that i’m probably a bit cooler than all of you today 😆 .

    Looking forward to seeing you all at the weekend
    Take care
    Anne-Marie x