Re: Wednesday 16th May 2012


    Sounds like mayhem Sarah 😯

    Well for me, I am just so tired!!! Saturday really took it out of me, emotionally and physically. I was zooming between obstacles to try and get pictures, it was crazy 😕
    Didn’t even get time to chill on Sunday as we had food shopping, housework, a birthday party and then a family gathering at Ross’s mums!!!
    So come Monday I’m back at work shattered and feeling like I’m getting a cold 🙁
    However, I took a half day this morning and had a lay in. I then went and did a spin class followed by 15 minutes in the steam room and fingers crossed I am feeling better for it.
    Going to try and tally up how much we raised in total tonight so really looking forward to that 😀
    Thinking of going to the cinema this weekend, any recommendations??
    M xxxx