Re: Wednesday 16th May 2012


Hi Ladies,

Time mmm Sarah that is a good one, I too have had little me time recently what with running round after Lexi, starting working again, being poorly etc etc I am really short on me time and it is unlikely to change as Jim is working away this weekend and not back until late Tues but then he is working on an installation weds so that will also be a long day then he is off for a lads weekend the following Friday too!!!
Ah well I wouldnt have it any other way 😮

Well if anyone is around at the weekend fancies a play date in the park let me know obviously weather permitting.

Hope you have fun at the cinema I would love to go but am not sure if there is anything good on at the moment I tend to wait for DVD’s.

Lastly my thoughts are with those who have had tough weeks (((hugs)))

Love Becs xxx