Re: Struggling


Hi Michelle,

I am sorry to here you are having such a rough time as you approach the 22 weeks 🙁 .

I think you have every right to be worried about every niggle and pain you get, I know I worried as the weeks went on and I am sure your midwife wouldn’t mind in the least you giving her a call just for a bit of reassurance knowing what your history is.

For me Jane Percival (the bereavement midwife) was a god send and I could ring her at anytime, she also arranged a couple of my ctg monitoring appt’s so you could always ring her if you needed. Have you had any contact with her in the past? I have her number if you need it.

With your job, it is just something you could do without dealing at this stressful enough time and i hope it turns out for the better, which ever way that may be for you.

Mark said I was always moody and a bit doollally with all 3 of my pregnancies and got worse with each one and this time he wrote wife back on my calendar the day that Daisy was due by c section 😆 . I am sure Ross fully understands as I should imagine he has his own worries and ways of dealing with them.

Take care of yourself and put yourself and the baby first and do what you need to! 🙂