Re: Struggling


    Thank you everyone x
    I have spoken to Jane and she has reassured me on my niggles and it was her who suggested that I speak to you guys.
    When I think rationally I know it is to be expected and that my hormones are everywhere but that doesn’t happen very often and then I start to think that something is really wrong or that I’m going completely mental.

    The week before I lost the girls I was in and out of hospital a couple of times and I really felt like I was a burden and just being neurotic. Everytime I spoke to anyone they always asked if it was my first pregnancy and when I said yes you could almost hear them sighing, never mind the fact it was twins and I was supposed to be high risk!!! They just stuck me on a bed and left me to it. The day before I actually delivered I sat on Robert Watson from from 10am until 9pm and didn’t have my obs done or speak to anyone all day. Obviously I am a lot wiser this time and wouldn’t let that happen but it does play on my mind.

    I am feeling better today, especially after all your supportive comments, although I’m sure I’ll be back on here stressing again in the very near future 🙄

    M x