Re: Night Night Beautiful Samuel


    Hi Max

    Thanks for your message it is a very sad time but is good to know that everyone on here know exactly how you are feeling and it gives me encouragement that you have all got throught this time before and we will get there too.

    We are collecting Sams ashes tomorrow which has made me much happier that we will have a litte bit of my gorgeous baby boy with me, we plan on planting a tree in our garden hopefully at the weekend.

    In the meantime I go back to work on Weds as I am finding that sitting home alone is not helping me having too much time on my hands but this is only for a couple of days as and we have a holiday to Turkey for next week (as long as the volcano behaves itself) which could not have come at a better time really it will give us time to recharge our batteries and remember with love our little butterfly.

    Well I hope everyone else is ok, speak soon


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