Re: June 2012 Monthly Meeting

Pork Chops

    Ha ha Max, you just made me chuckle reading that… well spotted, I’ve even got term time calender because of getting Miya from school and stuff and didn’t look!!!
    I just chose the week in between now and butterfly release….oops 🙂

    Wednesday 30th May is good with me, 12 pm at Lakeside unless any one can’t do then??? I’ll leave it a few days before I add it to the calendar 🙂

    In regards to my cards, I had them out doing my May Birthdays, left the room for about 10 seconds…came back in and Hayden had drawn pretty little circles and scribbles on the fronts….. he said “look mummy….I drawing” lol…i wasn’t ammused at 1st, but it’s easy to sort 😆

    Sarah x