Re: Hello – is anyone there???

Pork Chops

    Hi Ann,
    Happy Freezing thoughts day …… Today is the 1st time i’ve logged on in months not using my mobile.
    I’m sorry you feel that way, I think maybe its because all the new butterfly families can’t see our stories and why we joined the forum as they are in the old forum….Its so hard to write your 1st post to press send and wait for a reply, so before i wrote mine i read through the other butterfly parents posts 1st. (but they are not there on this forum)
    Maybe we can all take a few minutes to re-write our 1st posts in new members introduction as there is more then 2 of us???? so When new families join they know they are not alone.
    Luckily my family and I….have dodged the sickness bugs this year hehe 🙂 not appreciating the temperatures at the moment though!!!
    I hope you are all well and your never far from my thoughts x