Re: Heading Towards the Christmas Period


    Hi Everyone

    I too feel the same as you all, i miss Louie so much and Lulah sometimes looks so much like him, its nice but also really hard.

    We are putting docorations up this year as last year we didn’t and i’m going to try to enjoy it but it will never be the same for me.

    I know what you mean Becs about people thinking now you have gone on to have another child everything is ok. We had one of Paul’s family give us an Xmas present and on the tag she had written ” make this Christimas special (Lulah’s first Christmas)”. Why do people feel the need to tell you what you should be doing and as if i don’t know it’s her first Xmas! Ok, rant over.

    I will also be thinking of all the new Butterfly families and their first Christmas and how hard it will be but hoping they feel they have support to get through it the best they can.

    Sarah – Well done to Hayden for such a good report.

    And finally, Michelle, i can’t believe how quick your pregnancy has gone. I remember Sarah saying this to me and i’m sure it probably hasn’t gone quick for you. Would love to see you and bump.

    Take care everyone and hope to see you all soon.

    Michelle. xxxx