Re: Happy Birthday Louie


    Hey everyone

    Thank you for your kind messages.

    We decided to celebrate Louie’s birthday as we feel so lucky and proud to have had him, if only very briefly.

    I invited close friends and family over to our house and around 7pm we released around 26 hellum balloons with wild flower seeds attached so Louie would be creating new life. We also attached messages to the balloons. I then put on some food and the last people left around 9.30pm.

    I found it was the perfect way for us and it also kept me very busy in the day, picking up balloons, preparing food, etc, so i couldn’t think to much.

    The cookery teachers at Pauls school also made cakes in memory of Louie and asked for a donation for each cake, they raised over £200 for CAB.

    This year has been incredibly hard as the first year is for any parent as we all know but i feel very lucky to have had such support and i thank Ann and all of you for that.

    Michelle. xx