Re: For Team Tyler

Pork Chops

    Aww thanks Guys, I do not yet know how much we have raised just yet as our sponsor forms are with 7 different people lol! I do know its alot 😀 wahoo 😀
    Today was amazing and you might have already seen on fb but we all beat out times 🙂
    Heres my fb post saves writing it all out again lol!!

    “After An amazing day I’m so proud of Team Tyler and all their efforts every one who ran last year all beat their personal bests!!! and our new members did amazing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Richard Pitt smashed his time by 26 minutes with a 1hr 56 finish 🙂
    Daniel Kempster smashed his time by 9 minutes with a 2hr 13 finish 🙂
    Tim England smashed his time by 3 minutes with a 1hr 38 finish 🙂
    Sarah York smashed her time by 14 minutes with a 2hr 12 finish 🙂
    Ian Clarke finshed his 1st half marathon in 2hr 18 🙂
    Simon Chesser finished his 1st half marathon in 2hr 18 🙂
    Dan Redden finished his 1st half marathon in 1hr 53 🙂
    Thank you for all our sponsors and support…………….UNTIL NEXT YEAR :)”

    lots of love….i’m cream crackered so off to bed, i’ll see ya Friday xxx