Re: Feeling wobbly today!


    Hi Laura

    You are very brave being back at work & trying to deal with these emotions. The loss of Eva is, as you say, still so raw. I’m not surprised you had a wobble seeing a newborn. I was off work for 9 months, I think, after losing Grace. It may have been longer. I found the return difficult, especially people’s reaction to me, many not knowing we had lost Grace and asking what I had had, or why I’d been off work so long.

    As for pregnancies & new babies, I was a wreck. I remember one week, almost 6 months after losing Grace when I’d found out several friends were pregnant and on hearing the latest, my sister in law, I sat down and sobbed. When the babies arrived, the tears came some more. It’s hard & unfortunately I don’t know of any way to ease the pain, other than time. I promise it does get easier.

    Take care & cry if you need to. I think it’s the best therapy!

    Max, x