Not long now!!


    Hello ladies.
    All the new babies are growing so quickly and I haven’t had a cuddle with any of them, if you are ever passing please pop in so I can meet your beautiful babies. I would love to come to your meet ups but sadly work doesn’t allow and as I don’t get a lunch break (we eat as we go) its hard to nip out. Michelle, not long now and all will be wonderful, you are allowed to me nervous it’s completely understandable.
    Becs your little one will be here very soon, time has flown by! When Isla was born I bought Heather a new dolly and pram so mummy and Heather both had new babies. She would put her baby to bed, dress, feed and bath it when I did Isla. It was just a good job I didn’t drop Isla on her head like heather did to dolly. Two little ones is hard work but you adapt very quickly, you just do everything a lot quicker!
    I look forward to hearing fantastic news.
    Love you you all
    Ann xxxx