Not long now!!


Hi Michelle

My placenta was low lying too but had moved when I was scanned although it did show that our little ones growth had slowed hence why we were back again on Monday (when I saw u) fortunately all is well and I now have a date for this little one to arrive but Mr Davies won’t be doing my op which I am rather sad about as he has been thru so much with us from the ivf’s to losing Sam.
I too have my moments of worry not just about the last little while but also how I will cope with 2 and how Lexi will react. Sure it will all be good in the end for both of us.

Carla I can’t believe you are back at work already and Daisy is such a big girl too.

Max – I am glad Freddie is growing nicely too I can imagine u have your hands full with 3!!!

We must arrange a catch up for all soon it seems forever since I have seen you all.

Take care all n keep us posted Michelle