Here we are again?


    Hi. Thought I’d replied earlier but it’s not showing now. Installed Tapatalk in hospital & not quite understanding it yet!

    Thanks for your lovely messages, support & offers of help. I really appreciate it.

    I’m pleased to report that after seeing the lovely Mr A this morning, I’m home and hoping for some uneventful weeks ahead. Very nervous about a repeat performance. I was so frightened at the weekend & was convinced I was going to have another 24+ week delivery.

    Carla, the hospital food was pretty awful but it’s amazing what you will eat when you are hungry! Shame it’s the same menu for a whole week! Another patient I got friendly with had been in for 8 days, her newborn is a week old now, she had had the same menu for that week! First day I got what someone else ordered – omelette, thats OK, but with mash & carrots??!!! Omelette needs chips!!

    Thanks again all.

    Max, xxx