Happy thoughts day – Happy Halloween


Happy thoughts day n Halloween to you all.
Friendship is a pertinent thought for me today as some of you know I managed to upset a friend of mine last week, unintentionally I might add, but it still feels awful.
This in turn made me miss my best friend who i usually turn to in times of need for a good chat n reassurance as she has moved away from the area so I feel rather lonely at times, but my beautiful butterfly family saw me right and put a smile back on my face so thank you MB 🙂
On the up side I am off to Ireland with Lexi a week on Saturday for a visit which I am really looking forward to.

As for Halloween we have had no trick or treaters this year but hope you guys with bigger children enjoy the fun and games n lots of sweeties, also Sarah I hope you got ur bosses to agree to the fancy dress.

Take care all

Becs xxx