Good bye maternity leave :(


    Ah Bara. Going back to work is hard, I dreaded it after having George & Grace, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I found I actually quite enjoyed the adult time it gave me, time to be Max instead of George’s Mummy, much as I love being that!
    As you know I decided not to return after having Evie, it wouldn’t work for us with childcare, but both my children have been at nursery since they were 1. It took Evie ages to settle, she is such a Mummy’s girl, but it has been worth the effort & now that she is happy her confidence with others has improved greatly. She has fun & it’s good for them to develop that independence without you. George starts school next week & I’m not worried about that. I think nursery will have helped. A bit sad my baby boy is growing up though!!
    Great Lyra will have her friend Lexi at nursery. Expect they will get up to mischief together!
    Good luck with the return to work.
    Max, x